In the IMT Separator material is separated according to the differing trajectories and ballistic properties of the individual elements found in the commingled material fed into a rotating screen.

The IMT Separator separates the materials into the three distinctive fractions:




2D fraction

(generally 2-dimensional) Lightweight and fl at material such as paper, plastics, films and textiles are tossed a short distance upwards and transported forward towards the light fraction outlet by the rotary movement of the screen.


3D fraction

(generally 3-dimensional) Heavy and round items such as bottles, cans, wood and ferrous metals are tossed by the movement of the screen and discharged backwards into the heavy fraction by the angle of the screen deck.


Screen fraction

The surface of the screen deck is perforated (hole size to customer’s specifi cations). As a result, a screened fraction is generated simultaneously during the separation process.